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” is easier than answering it, as there are numerous types of camera that classify as point-and-shoot, each appealing to a different user and use case.Here are a few of our favorite models, ranging from under 0 all the way to nearly ,000, which should provide a good jumping off point in your search for the best point-and-shoot camera for you.Yes, this does make the camera considerably larger than the RX100 — you won’t be fitting it in a pocket — but it is relatively compact compared to a DSLR or mirrorless camera and the several lenses you would need to cover the same range.Naturally, it can also shoot great 4K video along with high framerate video at lower resolution and, yes, it also gets S-Log3.While sales are down at the very-low-end, there’s an uptick in premium point-and-shoot models that offer advanced features and high-end specs.Many of these cameras offer larger sensors, rugged build quality, and other specialty components not found on today’s smartphones.This would be a great B-camera, maybe even a main camera, for the documentary or travel filmmaker. That price puts it in line with some very decent interchangeable lens models, but of course buying lenses would increase the cost of such cameras.Fortunately, as with the RX100, earlier models of the RX10 are still available new.

The term describes an all-in-one pocket camera with a fixed lens that’s easy to use, but it could also include larger “superzoom” cameras or advanced models that rival DSLRs in image quality.

Who’s it for: Photo enthusiasts and pros on the go.

How much will it cost: 00 Why we picked the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V: It’s really no surprise that a RX100 camera tops this list.

The camera employs 315 autofocus points across 65-percent of the frame in a hybrid phase- and contrast-detection system.

That means fast and accurate focusing in a variety of settings and lighting conditions.

This growth could be attributed to step-up users who are upgrading from smartphones and want something that makes a noticeable difference in an effort to improve their photography, without having to opt for an interchangeable lens camera that might require a greater level of expertise.

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