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Not only in typo, CSS Sprites is widely used in menu, modules as well.

At a wide variety of practical approach for light-weight pages, Jooml Art selects a technique Joomla template named CSS Sprites for our October Joomla template - JA Kyanite, hoping a pretty huge improvement in time spent loading sites.

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[Includes gift shop shopping cart ] PHP Dating Script is an Extensive and Powerful dating website script written in PHP.

Our dating site script has a potential to generate very heavy traffic and revenues for you.

It is built with focus on increased ease of users and raised profits for webmasters.

And there are already tons of dating sites out there, why would you want to create one more?? We provide dating websites in 24 hours, in case you change your mind.

X and Bootstrap j Query p H2Date allows you to setup a simple dating webapp with Instant Messenger, Matchmaking system (similar to Hot Or Not or Tinder's swiping feature).

It also allows users to upload Photos and Videos to their profile page, and much more!

* Other similar scripts provide only ability to upload logo images, this script offers much more customization options, including full control over css, while preventing users from accessing stuff they shouldnt have access to (files and areas where they can insert malicious code).

- Users can add their own smilies, rank images and forum images.

That's something you have to work for - we just provide the perfect tools. Its a piece of crap filled with bugs, the code needs cleanup and your terms are even worse.

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