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When I click "Save record" I need it to copy the data form the Referring Doctors table (name, address, etc) and copy it to the Patient Details table in corresponding variables based on which doctor has been chosen. The goal is to be able to click a button on the Patient Visit form to generate a letter in Word that includes the address from the doctor, the patient's address and the information from the patient visit.

So far, I have all the information I need stored in the three tables, but I have no clue how to grab the information to generate the letter.

Then check each control to ensure it is linked to the field where you want to save it to in the table.

For instance; if you are using as your table, then it should be visible in the Record Source. Chances are good because this once worked, that the form fields will relink themselves.

For example if Patient 1 is referred by Doctor A on the current visit, how do I generate a letter that has that information?

I assumed I would need to copy the info from one table to another to eventually pass it to Word for it to use to generate the letter. Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need.

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Microsoft Word quotation marks do not always work in Access As it stands, the query pulls every course offered for the past several years (almost 9,000 records).

This might be useful for some purposes, but, generally, you probably want to select a particular group of courses to address a specific question. Let’s say you are only interested in Physics lecture or lab sections that meet on Monday and/or Wednesday for calendar year 2013-14.

There were never any macros or events for " came from (to my knowledge at least).

So my question boils down to, how can I tell what happens when the form closes? In a nutshell; a form will save directly to a table if that table is selected as the record source for the form.

You can use simple VBA commands to run the above queries. Open Query “Delete Query Name”You can use one button to run all of these commands in the sequence you desire…

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