Accomondating the classroom for children with cerebral palsy


SOLUTION: The employer provides a tape recorder with headphones and cassette tapes which contains music and frequent reminders to attend to the work.

This reduces distractions and helps prompt the individual to focus on the job.

This requires close examination of the work materials. SOLUTION: A total view magnifier on an adjustable swivel base is installed.

COST: 0 PROBLEM: A legal department secretary in the cable television industry who is legally blind has to perform such duties as typing, answering telephones, filing and photo-copying.

COST: Less than 0 PROBLEM: A worker who is deaf is responsible for inspecting underground water utilities.

When the employee is underground alone, co-workers above ground need to communicate with him.

SOLUTION: Measuring cups, a checklist, and the chemicals have been color-coded in a coordinated manner so the person can accomplish tasks by matching colors.

In addition, he is taught three key words (only, none, and plain) through flash card repetition.

COST: Less than PROBLEM: A person with an attention deficit disorder works in a packaging facility and is having problems staying on the task.

COST: PROBLEM: A receptionist who is blind works at a law firm.

She cannot see the lights on the phone console which indicate which telephone lines are ringing, on hold, or in use by staff.

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