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I look forward to reading your novel to capture a sense of the atmosphere. Anne: ‘His heart lurched, hating to see her like this.Before he could say anything, she went on, ‘I can’t leave you here on your own, Leo.I am happy to recommend this story, in fact, all of them, to anybody who enjoys a well-plotted mystery populated with convincing and always credible characters.” A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review Anne: “I just finished the book–could hardly put it down!Another winning story from Anne with history, romance and intrigue” Amazon review 5* “Really enjoyed this book. Wonderful twists and turns with a lot of wonderful descriptions of Guernsey” Amazon Review 5* Jessie: Having seen the wonderful setting via the plane. Anne: The warm sunshine felt good and deep breaths of salty air soon had her striding out towards Moulin Huet Bay.Jessie: This is a beautiful place and it is difficult to imagine how Guernsey when it was occupied by the Germans. Anne: ‘The Betrayal’ is two intertwined stories; the first focusing on Leo, who loses everything in the German Occupation of Guernsey.The second concerns Fiona, who sixty years later, becomes caught up in what happened to Leo after the mysterious find of a Renoir in a Guernsey basement.The first was Renoir’s visit in 1883, when he stayed for a few weeks and painted numerous local scenes; in particular Moulin Huet on the south coast.These paintings are quite well-known and at least one is in a major museum.

They always started from Soldiers Bay, within easy reach of their home in Colborne Road.My green leather bag was crammed full of my notebook, kindle and snacks for the journey.We sat in two comfortable brown leather armchairs, near a beautiful piano.I adore a book where you feel transported to the time and place.I can understand why Renoir was inspired to paint in Guernsey. How does ‘The Betrayal’ fit into the Guernsey Series?Jessie: Where did you get the inspiration for your narrative in ‘The Betrayal’?

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