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"She stopped by in a green coat and a beret, and I remember thinking, This woman is special." They hit it off that night in 1978, with Gayle appreciating his 6-foot-4-inch height: "At 5-foot-10, I'd always found it difficult to find a boyfriend who was taller than I am." Their romance flourished, but after seven years, as Gayle hit her mid-30s, she began to worry that her biological clock was winding down. "When he wasn't ready [for a commitment], I lost faith in the relationship and finally ended it." It was a painful breakup for them both.

Nonetheless, she met another man, married and had a daughter.

Frank, 62, is raising his 13-year-old nephew, and Gayle's daughter fell ill with a condition requiring extensive therapy.

"I was an idiot [for not rekindling the romance at that time]," Prentiss says.

"After that," Janice says, "I tried to stop thinking about him." But in 2010 she decided to give it one last go.

Our lives are hard, but our relationship is easy." Finding Each Other at a Funeral Diane Nerheim and Marvin Ugland Dated: 1964, at the University of North Dakota Married: April 4, 2015, in San Francisco In a strange way, it was their mothers — lifelong friends — who brought Diane Nerheim and Marvin Ugland together, although neither mom lived to see them reunited.

Marv was married when he escorted his own mother to Diane's mother's funeral in Grand Forks, N.

Sparking Romance Over Dinner Debby Klein and Jeff Stiel Met: 1980, in college in Queens, N. Plus, both are jocks: Debby, 53, is a personal trainer, and mortgage financier Jeff, 54, competes in basketball and softball leagues; they also play tennis together. "When I'm with Jeff, words I haven't used for 40 years pop into my head." Back when they were still just college friends in Queens, Jeff got Debby her job at Camp Hillel in Swan Lake, N. He had a crush on her, but Debby was dating another young man.

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