Adventist programs on dating


However, along the way concepts and guidance for relationships and finding your significant other have varied from “date everyone” to “date no one and wait for God to bring the right person into your life.” Confusing?

But perhaps the reason the sometimes skewed path to marriage is so confusing for some can be traced back to a book.

The book offered a new, more God-centered approach to finding a spouse: courtship.

My dad could weed out all the bad boys because they would have to go through him first.Wendy Powell of Greenville, South Carolina, who has three children with her husband of almost 20 years, said young adults today should be “traveling the world, exploring, having fun, and relaxing.” Life doesn’t have to begin only with the addition of someone else. I agree, as Umstattd suggests, that we shouldn’t discard the good things that can come from a casual date.Live and date with the intention to meet and make lasting relationships, whether that relationship turns into marriage or not.This was the same advice given to a young Umstattd by his grandmother when he first discussed dating with her.Years later, when he was researching his article, he went back and asked Grandma why she said what she said.Marcus Keenan, who married his fiancé the day after they graduated from college in 2014, said young adults today should meet many different people, because “you won’t know if they are someone you could marry if you won’t get to know them in the first place.” Let’s focus on making our lives and relationships more meaningful overall.

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