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If you know anyone who works for American Express, talk to him or her about what it's like to work here and what he or she enjoys about their job.

What questions should candidates always ask in an interview? I also need to understand that you know what the job is. It's particularly helpful when it is specific to the conversation you had with each person.

We're basically searching through candidates trying to find people before they find us.That might seem obvious, but a lot of people come in unprepared. New York is smart casual, and some of the other locations may be more casual. So do your research about the job and the culture of the office you're visiting. You're going to interview with a lot of people, so be sure not to CC the same response to everyone you interview.I love questions from candidates that look to the future: "What do my first 90 days look like? The salary range is usually coordinated up front with the recruiter. We begin recruiting interns at the beginning of every academic year.We partner with 25 schools around the world — including New York University, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Cornell University, London Business School, IESE Business school in Barcelona, IIT Bombay, and IIM Ahmedabad — and visit select campuses during corporate events and job fairs.Everyone has a different response to social media outreach.

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