Are carrie and alex dating


The final straw is when Corrine rejects her to her face, enforcing Carrie's belief that she was evil and unworthy of love, leading to her suicide.Carrie was obsessed with her size since she was constantly bullied and had trouble making friends or attracting boys to because of it.The poisoning stunts her growth and she never really becomes well.Carrie, along with Chris and Cathy escape the attic one night. Carrie, along with Chris and Cathy planned on fleeing to Florida.The traumas she suffered in Foxworth Hall dampened her spirits, though she still remained very vocal.Cory's death, the traumas she and her siblings suffered and the bullying she endured because of her small size left Carrie psychologically scarred for the rest of her life, though she managed to hide much of it from her family until the end of her life.

Carrie suddenly becomes very ill, and Cathy is shocked.It's revealed that Carrie ate a doughnut poisoned with arsenic intentionally.Cathy assumes that Carrie was worried about her relationship with Alex, but Carrie reveals in a note that she saw their mother, Corrine on the street, and talked with her, begging her to speak with her, that they could have a secret relationship that no one would ever know about, and Corrine responded with disgust.Olivia Winfield Like her brother, Cory, Carrie spent most of her time in Foxworth Hall afraid of their grandmother after Olivia harms Carrie for being too loud.Olivia's assertions that Carrie and her siblings are 'Devil's Spawn' has more lasting impact on Carrie mentally since she was a young child when they were brought to Foxworth Hall and it would haunt her the rest of her life. Little is shown of Carrie's relationship with her father, as she was only four when he died.Carrie believes that she must really be the Devil's spawn for Corrine to react that way.

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