Ashley olsen and justin timberlake dating xian lim and kim chiu dating

Timberlake and Biel have been together for several years now except for a couple of bumps in the road (noted below), but now they’re engaged and that film he’s composing music for? Supposedly one of the reasons Biel and Justin briefly broke up was because he was chasing Olivia Munn (among others) and got busted.

In this age of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we get to know about celebrity hook-ups, flings, PDAs and affairs as soon as they start brewing.

So it really comes as a surprise to us when we learn about celebrities who once dated one another and we didn’t catch a wind of it. Could it be that these relationships were too brief to show up on the paparazzi radar?

Or maybe the couples were simply masters of disguise?

“I remember when you were born—or, you know, adopted! “Oh my God, my screen name for, like, , was Brangelista777.

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They met at a White House event, but the pair never made public their relationship when they were together.

But her two-year relationship with Owen Wilson, from 1999 to 2001 that started on the set of It is rumored that they had a messy breakup, but Gosling still maintains that Bullock was one of the greatest girlfriends he had ever had.

Gosling seems to take the on-screen chemistry he shares with his actresses very seriously; after breaking up with Bullock, he has dated a number of his co-stars, namely Rachel Mc Adams and his now baby mama, Eva Mendes.

And even if some celebs choose not to make public their “thing” on social media, the paparazzi makes sure that they keep tabs on it.

They report to us who was spotted holding hands with who and who took a beach vacation together.

#3 Kim Kardashian and Nick Lachey Is there anything that we don’t know about Kim Kardashian?

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