Asp net gridview rowupdating e oldvalues


Old Values is null on validation) is strange, and we need a simple running project, illustrating this glitch, for more detailed research. Thanks, Marion Hello Marion, After tearing apart my code, I have come to the conclusion that it has something to do with the fact that these columns are in Edit Item Templates. Since the example provided does not contain a key value to another table I am unable to make this change.

For instance: So the questions is how do you get the database table field name by index via code behind?

Therefore, it's unnecessary to call the ASPx Grid View's Do Row Validation method in the ASPx Grid View's Start Row Editing event handler, because the default new ASPx Grid View's Data Row doesn't contain the initial values (except the case when the initial values have been initialized via the ASPx Grid View's Init New Row event handler).

Could you please check how the attached project works? I can only presume I am doing something to wipe them out.

Regards, Stephen Hello Stephen, Thanks for the additional information. New Values, you should set the Value property by using the Data Binder Class:' Auto Post Back="True" On Selected Index Changed="Prod_Selected Index Changed" Value Type="System.

On having examined your markup, I see that not all of the controls inside the Edit Item Template container have the Value property. Int32" Client IDMode="Auto ID" Css File Path="~/App_Themes/Office2003Blue//styles.css" Css Postfix="Office2003Blue" Sprite Css File Path="~/App_Themes/Office2003Blue//sprite.css" Hello Stephen, Thank you for the clarification.

//// Header column names int grid View Cell Count = your Grid View. string[] column Names = new string[grid View Cell Count]; for (int i = 0; i This is not the answer to the question.

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