Autoupdatingcurrentlocale ios


Your AWS Lambda code, written in C#, Node.js, Python, or Java, can implement standalone logic, extend your app to a range of AWS services, and/or connect to services and applications external to AWS.The availability and cost of a AWS Lambda function automatically scales to amount of traffic it receives.On the other hand it takes just a few lines of code to correct and will avoid surprising/annoying a user who does change the locale whilst your app is sleeping peacefully in the background.You can easily detect that the user has change the locale by registering an observer for the NSCurrent Locale Did Change Notification notification.The actual cell layout is defined using a prototype table cell and storyboard.There is one issue with caching the date and number formatters in this way.

However if the locale changes the cached formatters will not get updated.

Functions can also be accessed from an i OS app through Amazon API Gateway, giving features like global provisioning, enterprise grade monitoring, throttling and control of access.

This section provides a step-by-step guide for getting started with AWS Lambda using the AWS Mobile SDK for i OS.

To learn more about using these contexts to create rich, and personalized app experiences, see Client Context and Identity Context.

To use the is invoked, the JSON object is serialized into JSON data and sent to the AWS Lambda service.

If I change the region format (Settings Region Format) to French-France I might expect to see the following: Unfortunately as currently implemented the only way the table view will reflect the changed locale is if I force the application to restart.

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