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Although there were no similar statistics in Canada indicating that more older people are now cycling on the road, one can assume that with improved longevity rates in recent decades, healthy seniors are more likely to ride their bicycles to get around town in major cities across Canada.

All the more reasons to look at the Netherlands as a role model for road and cycling safety.

So far in 2018 (and we’re only half way through the year), four cyclists and 19 pedestrians have been struck and killed, according to data compiled by . Since the Toronto council has approved Vision Zero two years ago, almost 100 pedestrians and cyclists have died.

Transport Canada data also shows an alarmingly consistent trend: more seniors have died in traffic fatalities than any other age group across Canada, from 2000 to 2015.

In 2016, older citizens bore the brunt of a record-breaking 12 months for pedestrian deaths in Toronto.

According to , 2016 was the deadliest for the city’s pedestrians in more than a decade, with 43 people killed by drivers.

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Meanwhile, accidents and pedestrian/cyclist deaths on Toronto roads have become constant headlines in the news.

Earlier this year, Statistics Netherlands also published the annual road fatalities and the fact that “cycling is deadlier than driving.” Two-thirds of the cycling deaths were people over 65 years of age.

More people have been cycling in the Netherlands, especially the elderly.

The mayor, however, should perhaps look at good examples from other Canadian cities like Montreal.

According to , Montreal has just approved funding for 33 kilometres of new bike lanes, to add to 846 they already have, 350 of which are totally separate from car traffic.

That’s the highest death toll since at least 2005, the oldest year on record in data recently released by the city.

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