Best companies consolidating credit cards

The best debt settlement companies will recommend the ideal option for you.Several of the programs we reviewed partner with credit counselors, and some offer debt consolidation loans.The FTC regulates debt settlement companies and restricts certain actions.Debt settlement companies cannot charge fees in advance.

Before entering a debt settlement program, you’ll want to weigh some of the drawbacks and advantages.Credit Counseling: In some cases you may not meet the debt requirements to enroll in a settlement plan.If you don’t meet the minimum debt amount, you’ll be referred to a credit counseling agency.The representatives we spoke to were quick to reply and thoroughly explained the entire program to our secret shoppers.National Debt Relief provides all the forms necessary to notify your creditors you’ve entered a hardship program and gives you access to a client dashboard where you can get updates on how your settlement is proceeding.All fees must be taken as a percentage of the settled debt.

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