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DISCUSS Talk about how you can truly lead your wife spiritually. Then take her hand and pray for one or two of her needs.PRAY Husbands, pray for the courage to keep leading spiritually, even though you won't do it perfectly.Stories that stri The challenge of sustaining an intimate, faith-based marriage in today's "hurry-up" society has never been greater.Stories that strike an emotional chord, Scripture readings, provocative questions, prayers, and personal commentary from the Dobsons encourage men and women in their homes and spiritual lives.Someone gave it to them or they bought it for themselves and just passed it on to us.We plan to do the same for our best friends who are getting married this summer.I really enjoyed it, and shared parts of it with her.I think it's enriched our marriage, but I'm still not sure I'd ever try using it as directed! This was given to my husband and I as a gift from his brother and sister-in-law.

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When you step up and take your place as the spiritual leader in your family, you create an environment where bitterness can't easily survive but where relationship and romance can grow.

Wives, pray that your husband will be encouraged as he leads you and your family spiritually.

The challenge of sustaining an intimate, faith-based marriage in today's "hurry-up" society has never been greater.

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Saturday and Sunday you just read a longer story without questions to review what you've discussed and prepare you for the next week's topic.

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