Black bi chat

Steve positioned himself behind me and entered my wet cunt and began to fuck me. We were all enjoying this so much that I did not realize that soon I was holding both their cocks in one hand and licking them. Steve looked a little anxious, but was really enjoying this sensation. He positioned himself behind me and slowly entered my anus. After a few minutes I got up from the floor and flopped out on the sofa. I knew however, Steve would need some encouragement. I moved over to Jim and began to rub his cock all over my breasts. He hesitated at first but then slowly lowered his tongue into my cunt.

I was enjoying the feeling of being filled in both holes. I know that Steve really likes that and seeing me do it would make him hard again. After so many years of quiet moaning, it was really fun. I began to suck Jim's cock while Steve finger fucked my pussy. It was the first time my husband had tasted another man, and I think he quite liked it.

This was a real threesome that all of us were enjoying. Shock because Steve had never been even mildly gay before, surprised because I was enjoying watching him change his sexual leanings without feeling insecure. Their bodies entwined into each other, hugging like long lost lovers. I began to masturbate, rubbing my clit with my fingers.

I could see their hard cocks gyrating against each other's stomachs. After some time Jim's hips began to thrust faster into Steve's mouth.

Steve said "Lets" and positioned himself behind Jim. Before Steve could enter Jim I wanted to feel his arsehole, so I volunteered to lubricate Jim for Steve.

I then walked up to Steve and planted a long passionate kiss on his lips. Steve laughed and said that he had never seen me so wet in years. Jim was much quicker than Steve in undressing and soon had his pants off. Actually it looked almost like Steve's cock in size, but an inch longer. The smell of sex all around had really turned me on so much that all I wanted to do was come.Soon I found myself waiting for Steve to come home so that we could fuck and our sex life was just great.One day I decided to surprise Steve by renting a porn video.My tongue ravishing his mouth Steve began to unbutton his shirt, while licking my nipples through my lingerie. Steve still had his pants on, when I decided to go down on Jim. He cock's tip was full of semen and it was flowing out in copious amounts. I told Steve that I wanted to now feel his cock in my mouth.I went on my knees on the floor and began to expertly suck his cock. So Steve and Jim stood side by side and I was enjoying sucking their cocks alternately. I then told Steve that it was my fantasy to be double penetrated. I knew at that time Jim was a bisexual, and it excited me.Soon both the men were moving with a rhythm that had me gasping and enjoying another orgasm. He started to lick me furiously, his tongue licking more of Jim's sperm than my aching clitoris.

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