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Here’s a link to Silhouette’s Firmware Update info.Here’s what they have to say if your Silhouette won’t connect to your PC.That is change papillondigitaldesigns to papillondigitaldesign and try the link. She is the princess of altered art in my books (Queen being Greenbean of course ) Since many want to do the update I though I would post here.Remember you can choose to have I updated or not as that app will slow down your G a bit.Always better to first save it and then run as admin rather than just running it from the website.Once you do and you connect it to the G it will ask if you want the G updated.

If you find a linky under the post do share your project by posting link there or if you do not find a linky post your link in the comments. The website Papillon digital designs has changed to Papillon Digital Design so if the link gives and error or takes you to page with chinese characters then please drop the 's' in the link at the end of papillondigitaldesigns and try .Time is now am 18) ok - restart G and then - say what?? The time now is 9.29 AM and then cricut sync does not get it that Imagine has restarted lol.SO I waited for few mins - restarted Imagine and then after nothing happened closed cricut sync and reopened. So the Imaganie firmware was over but the support part of it had to be done Now again Imagine shows the same screens - connected - that white just plain cricu Imagine and then do not power on receiving updates (see above for the screen shots - I will not repeat them again :) )So that's it both the Imagine and G updated and kind of talking to each other.Those not having Imagine do not do the 2nd part and for those having it - do it in steps. 10) do not turn off device - gypsy updating - 10 mins - 15 mins 11) it updated gypsy - 30 sec 12) again asked update are available Gypsy support and Imagine application - say what?ok so here I go again 13) this time downloading data file and going pretty fast - 2 - 3 mins 14) Then uploading updates which is goes slow - it took 30 - 40 mins 15) And then again do not turn off device - says started - 1 min 16)and then writing cartridge data - 3 - 5 mins 17) writing cartridge overlay - 5 - 8 mins. 20 ) ok - now again downloading data file - quick - - 1 min 21) Then uploading updates - a bit slower - 5 mins 22) do not turn off the device - 1-2 mins 23) do not turn off device - updating cartridge data - about 2 - 3 mins 24)then again do not turn off - cartridge overlays - another 2 - 3 mins.I hope that seeing the screens and having these links and info help you as you update your Silhouette firmware.

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