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Thousands of dollarsas well as embarrassment are the result of correct or incorrectrecognition.

I have seen unknowledgeable people buy newassuming it is old and pay a hefty price for it.

I asked her what was wrong and she said No ti Free adult chatline Dating Pre Coded Zippos1946 1953This era presents the most difficult lighters to date.

Whilst the base stamps my look similar there are a number of differences to observe.

By looking at factory dated lighters we can make some assumptions that that the lighter was made either in that particular year or maybe the year before.

She keeps her figure well being 5 5 tall and a genuine 36C2836 body shape.

There appears to be some overlap between the base stamps used on these lighters.

In researching this page I am indebted to many other collectors who have sent me photographs of lighters in their collections that were factory engraved with a date.

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