Bow ciara dating lil wow

Shai stays with her mum across the country and at times it is really hard for the star, he told Oprah, ‘ It’s so hard — I Skype with [Shai] and I just wish that I could just reach in there and grab her little self.’ Nevertheless, the star makes a lot of effort to make it work, this we know because social media tells us so.There’s no doubt that Bow Wow’s daughter is an adorable child and we hope she grows up away from all the The star does not have a wife, so we decided to pull out a list of his girlfriends.See also: Is Daniel Radcliffe Gay Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?The two were already off to a rocky finish when they had their baby in 2011 and it has been pretty rough between them since then.The star took to social media to bash his exes as usual, but this video vixen was ready for him, she spent quite the amount of time openly throwing his shade right back.Then there’s Joie Chavis, his baby mama whom we will talk about in more detail in a moment.However, he attributes his slim figure to his good genes.He likes to have burgers and potato chips but does not overeat them.

Hence, he maintains a regular workout routine that includes going to gym.Oh its a long one, the star has been rumored to date a handful of people and has also actually dated a handful of women in his day.We cannot even think of him as Lil Bow Wow anymore.As is his culture the star continually bashed her and she did not take it lying on her back.Her name is Joie Chavis and she currently lives with and takes care Bow Wow’s daughter.Last but not least, there’s Erica Mena, former Love and Hip hop TV star, theirs was a serious relationship that almost led them down the aisle.

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