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The App Cafe® interface will load in the web browser.

It will be similar to the one shown in , except the top navigational buttons and configure button will not be displayed and a “Logout” option will be added to the dark grey bar.

If the system has a public IP address, be sure to use a hard-to-guess username and password.

If you change the port number, make sure it does not conflict with another application running on the system. You will be prompted to input your password to save the configuration.

Once remote access is configured, use and specify the IP address of the system and configured port number in a web browser.

You will then be prompted to input the configured username and password.

Alternately, to view all of the available applications for each category, click the “Recommended” button which will change to an “All Apps” button.

Click the name of a category to view the available software within that category.

On a desktop installation, App Cafe® can be run as a local application and optionally configured for remote access.By default, the “remote”, “port”, and “ssl” options are set using the information you provided either during a server installation or using the screen shown in .The “mode” option is not set by default, but can be configured by removing the comment symbol (”;”) from that option and setting its value to either “desktop” or “server”.This means that you do not have to give out the root password on multi-user systems.However, it will prompt for the user’s password and will fail if that user is not a member of the App Cafe® includes the ability to remotely manage software from another system or mobile device.It provides extra meta-data for these packages such as screenshots and lists of similar applications.

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