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"Thanks for the hard work Lisa, the strategy looks sound," Alex said to the brunette on the screen. " he then asked, shifting his attention to the male face in the adjacent window. It's ready." For some reason Alex couldn't break the habit of addressing the faces directly when he spoke to them, like they were really there on the screen.Of course, he knew the camera was built into the top of the i Mac.And unable to resist getting off on the fantasy, she reached down and began to rub.

"Look," he whispered, trying to sound genuine, "You don't have to do it. But she should have know better than to seek counsel from a horny male. And as the mirror settled, she studied the woman in the reflection, trying to look at her through the detached eyes of a stranger. An expensive La Perla model, which turning her bust from side to side, gave a hint of sexy flesh underneath. The then blonde cracked a naughty smile as she ran a manicured finger teasingly beneath her belly button. The sound of the zip deafening in the silence, drawing attention to a hint of white.

Now, let's go through the figures and get this over with as quickly as possible so that we are ready for tomorrow." Half an hour later, he excused himself for a quick toilet break. Her husband dangling the opportunity of setting up another video conference from home. The temptation of a secret fantasy threatening to be fulfilled leading to amazing sex. Her husband had obviously planned the lighting as she was well lit. It was easy to understand why they would want to see more, and she decided it wouldn't hurt to oblige them a little.

Pushing the chair to one side and minimizing the document window before he left. Caught between the desire for, and fear of, proceeding. But she had thought it was nothing more than kinky banter. So, when her husband had announced over dinner that he had indeed setup a conference call for later in the evening, it was a real shock. Did he really intend for her to get naked in front of his colleagues again, only this time on purpose? Now that it was H hour, and with all these thoughts whirling around her head, she stood paralyzed in uncertainty. And at that critical moment realized just how turned on he was by what was about to happen. Not by the bright overhead lights, which would have killed the mood. Ensuring there was enough light, at the right angle, for the performance to be enjoyed. Already high on nervous adrenaline, her shaking hand reached for the handle. Sophie watched the hands in the reflection with interest as they grabbed the loose-fitting top, slowly pulled it off, and then dropped it on the floor.

Turning side to side she grabbed and poked areas of flesh across her 5'7 frame. For despite being in her early-thirties, her slim athletic body wouldn't have been out of place in a university locker room. Either way, the turn of events was enough to make his shorts uncomfortably full. His unaware wife's hot body fully exposed to the ogling juniors. "Would you have deprived them, and yourself, such pleasure? You wouldn't know them as they are based somewhere in the mid-west, hence the online chat," "Hmm..." she tingled, increasingly aroused by her husband's attention and the thought of spying voyeurs seeing her most private parts. Knowing that the shy act would get her husband going. Easing into a sitting position, muscles suddenly taught with anticipation. And putting himself in his colleague's shoes, he could understand their desperation to see more. Biting her lip flirtatiously as she craved something harder. Leaving her vulnerable naked body above the white sheets, like an offering to the Gods of Sex. Noting approvingly that her mound was freshly shaved. The suggestive grin forming on her lips confirmed what they both knew to be true.

And if you didn't already know she had two young kids, you would never have guessed it from her narrow hips and flat stomach. " That got his attention, and Alex turned just in time to see her naked body saunter temptingly out of the room. ----------- Later that night, as they lay on the bed reading, Alex explained what had happened. And whilst Alex knew that a husband was meant to be protective. " he whispered, his fingers lingering, tickling and kneading with intent. "Show me." Sophie squirmed almost imperceptibility into the sheets, feeding the growing itch in her loins. Her need to show them as pressing as his need to see them. And after a moment of suspense, her hands tentatively ran down her naked torso.

"Good," he continued, "let's all read the matrix one last time just to make sure we haven't missed anything obvious for Monday's pitch.

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