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Icing on the cake: 62.2 % of the total local people in the country fall in the working age bracket (nearly 4.6 million).This is a huge number, and it will be highly useful for running a business from the Bulgarian territories!The state is a key member of the European Union (EU) though it joined it only recently, on January 1, 2007 to be precise.will be an attractive proposition for you if you are looking to expand your business overseas and get the Permanent Residence (PR) status in Europe.The republic is an amazing hotspot, with numerous interesting activities to choose from for an avid visitor.

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People of this lovely European state are highly proud of their unique culture and heritage.

And, the ritual of church singing in the country is more than 1000 years old.

The folk music found in the country is pretty unique in its somewhat complex harmonies and extremely uneven rhythms.

The cost of doing business in Bulgaria is also low. While the country has the most favorable tax regime in Europe, the corporate income tax rate here is 10%, and this is the lowest in the whole of the EU!

If we talk about population, nearly 85% (7.5 million) of the country’s 8.8 million people are ethnic Bulgarians even as the ethnic Turks constitute roughly 10% of the total, and the Gypsies, only a little more than 5%.

Its administration structure is a parliamentary democracy, and while president is the chief of state, the prime minister heads the government.

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