Cam sey mollymy


This would decrease my exposure by 2 more STOPS and mean I could match the sun’s power at f/4.5 @ 1/200, and in turn increase my recycle time.

Explain: Aperture f/9 minus 2 STOPS of light equals f/4.5 So, for a few hours of clear sky daylight, my exposure settings were – f/4.5 @ 1/200 – ISO 100.

Finally I found that at 2m I had enough power to reach her, enough footprint to cover her, and far enough away from her that she couldn’t knock it over !

All I had to do now was ask her to remain on the spot whilst I moved around her taking her photograph.

“The Gold Collection” really does go back into Foster & Allen’s deep and rich catalogue, delivering some of those long forgotten recordings that made them such household names during the 1980s and 1990s. Clare and the song is all about the infamous mammy Mrs.

In 2016, Foster & Allen showed no sign of slowing down, by undertaking a 70-date touring commitment across the United Kingdom and Ireland, of which 29-dates were for a very successful trip in Australia. Brown’s Boys” it is an original song written by singer songwriter P. Brown, her family and the success that is her TV Show.

This gave me a preferred narrow depth of field and a faster recycle time on my speedlight, which was set to about 1/4 –1/2 power (depending on the distance from light source to Molly).

Itchy (The Very Naughty Pony) was equally confused.

I feel like it’s so beautiful and an absolute steal at only .

My amazing photographer actually captured some of the sweetest moments between us and these are memories and photos I’ll cherish forever!

As the sun is a harsh light source, we decided to fight fire with fire, and use a bare speedlight, absolutely no modifier! Hence – f/9 @ 1/200 I could now match the sun’s power at f/9 @ 1/200 !

Now, I know that at f/9 my speedlight would be working flat out, giving me a slow recycle time, which was no good for me; my model today was a 3 year old girl!

Here’s a video of that…the look on Itchy’s face just cracks me up when he sees that shaved llama.

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