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The lifelike cartoons of the Notre Dame Nuns, beautifully drawn on the inside of her desk, got the Sisters' undivided attention.

The nun's did not approve of young Jeanne's artistic license to create habit wearing mice that bore their image.

Jeanne's adult days cannot be recollected properly without taking note of her giving beyond the boundaries of her small size.

She often maneuvered her son Marc's wheelchair to the grocery store or the beach and carrying this growing prankster whenever needed.

Jeanne's earliest impressions were full of colorful characters.

She observed many of Cleveland's first generation immigrants, tipping her head to look over the counters of Westside Market vendors like the horseradish couple, who faithfully shred their horseradish each day, tears flowing down their faces.

The buffet table was a masterpiece at each holiday celebration. If you asked her children, they would rattle off their names in quick order of descending ages: Neil, Chris, , Keith, Marc, Rachel, Sean, and Barry.

She attended Notre Dame Elementary, where her artistic talent began to blossom, and landed her in trouble.After graduating from Notre Dame Academy in 1943, attended The Cleveland Institute of Art, majoring in Sculpture with a minor in Painting.She achieved the prestigious Gund Scholarship, earning a fifth year scholarship to The Institute.She would eventually graduate second in her 1948 class.Although very serious about her studies, found time for a social life that included laughter filled rides in convertibles and themed costume parties.The unexpected loss of Marc left a wound that could never be healed.

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