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The entire time we ate and watched movies the thought of her playing with herself at my home was really getting me turned on.I wanted to make a move but did not know how she would feel about it.Nothing too hardcore, but hardcore enough to get a woman excited.

Over the next two weeks the incest sites were the only ones that showed up in the history file.Since she had no idea they were being saved in the history file she could not know I knew what she was looking at.The next week I paid a visit to my mom to have dinner with her and watch some movies.But from all that she said, she was in very bad need to have me fuck her. I put everything back the way it was and went to make some mixed drinks for us to drink while we watched the movies. She finally got back and was surprised to see that I had made some drink, but she was glad.Just the way she looked at me turned me on so much.She sucks cock and they oblige her by licking her choot and then finally fuck her nicely till cum on her.

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