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She currently has 2 gallery links in her own Free Ones section. She is listed on Free Ones since 2017 and is currently ranked 39662th place.By removing all these features, you've given the spammers all the power. Here is my opinion: The removal of copy paste has not reduced the spam levels in gay chat. The admins and moderators should have access to copy/paste because it allows us to clearly display the rules in general chat when needed. Obviously you can change what you'd like but I don't see many regs hanging around if chatting becomes this difficult on CHAT site. Also is there a reason why restricted words like "c**t", "f*g", and "n**g*r" still haven't been censored in the rooms mods are required to mute for them?All these updates, blocking of certain font colors, plus a link to some random radio thing in College Chat, but the censored words are still available for use? Not to mention that since the copy-paste function was blocked, it seems to cause this weird glitch where selecting an entire sentence for deletion doesn't always work at first.

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You see, we are some big time online chat room geeks, maybe you could even call us addicts, so we definitely know what we’re talking about – I’m talking YEARS of experience, basically since the beginning of internet chat rooms. Thus, you should be happy that we have cobbled together this fantastic list of chat with strangers options for you. If you’re reading this because you’ve already gone through every site on the list, kudos to you, great job!

I’m sure if you’ve done that you will have found at least a few sites that peak your interest and keep you entertained.

If, however, you’re reading this because you were too lazy to check them all out and were hoping for some extra guidance, sorry but, the list is all you’re getting, so stop being lame and take the plunge into all that amazing uncharted territory laid out for you above.

It'd be cool if we get a couple more of the basic fonts back as well.

Times New Roman, Verdana, Georgia and Comic Sans are all fairly default so I think they would display just fine if returned to the font menu.

Would it be possible to have the expanded character allowance back now?

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