Consolidating 2 gmail accounts tom brady dating history

I have three email accounts, and it's a nuisance to check each one.

EDITOR'S NOTE: That will bring in the mail, but not the contact lists. :-) I have 5 or so e Mail accounts and use Mozilla Thunderbird to access them all from the one location.

I use others strictly as "throwaways." The final step that should be added to your article is to use a email client on your PC and use the POP function to download it all. Been fooling around with Outlook, Thunderbird, Ypops etc. I never have to check manually, other than the occasional bug.

I would never trust my email to a third party for safekeeping. Note that it only checks the Inbox and not the Spam folder. But that is moot now -since has since been merged with AOL Mail. The best feature in Gmail, in my opinion, is the ability to *send* from various accounts.

I have an account with AOL which I access through my Hotmail account and it works with no problems what so ever.

Good article, Bob, on consolidating e-mail accounts. But what Gmail is lacking is a way to consolidate multiple Gmail accounts into one Gmail account.

After logging into Gmail, in the upper right corner, click on Settings, then click the "Accounts and Import" tab.

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