Consolidating contracting microscope


(3) which read as follows: “to increase the supply of fossil fuels in the United States, through price incentives and production requirements;”. “No funds derived from assessments under section 707 collected by the Alliance shall be used to influence legislation or elections, except that the Alliance may use such funds to formulate and submit to the Secretary recommendations for amendments to this title or other laws that would further the purposes of this title.

“(a) .—A successful action for compliance under this section may also require payment by the defendant of the costs incurred by the Alliance in bringing the action.

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The oilheat price analysis shall compare indexed changes in the price of consumer grade oilheat to a composite of indexed changes in the price of residential electricity, residential natural gas, and propane on an annual national average basis. Authority of Secretary to establish; applicability of section 17 of Federal Energy Administration Act of 1974; chairman; inclusion of representatives of public; public meetings; notice of meeting to Attorney General and Federal Trade Commission; attendance and participation of their representatives. Submission of information by Secretary to Secretary of State; transmittal to Agency; aggregation and reporting of geological or geophysical information, trade secrets, or commercial or financial information; availability of such information during international energy supply emergency; certification by President that Agency has adopted security measures; review of compliance of other nations with program; petition to President for changes in procedure. (6) which read as follows: “to reduce the demand for petroleum products and natural gas through programs designed to provide greater availability and use of this Nation's abundant coal resources;”. The Alliance shall inform the Secretary of Energy and the Congress of any restriction of activities under this subsection. “(b) .—If in any year the 5-year average price composite index of consumer grade oilheat exceeds the 5-year rolling average price composite index of residential electricity, residential natural gas, and propane in an amount greater than 10.1 percent, the activities of the Alliance shall be restricted to research and development, training, and safety matters. Consultation with Secretary, Government Accountability Office and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; rules; reliance on practices developed by Financial Accounting Standards Board; opportunity to submit written comment.

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