Cost of fluoridating city water

***Editor's note: The broadcast incorrectly states that Townsville is the only place in all of Qld that had fluoridated water.However, Townsville, Bamaga, Dalby, Mareeba and Moranbah councils provide water fluoridation.*** Ruben Meerman This innocuous-looking glass of water has been hailed as one of the greatest health initiatives of the 20th century.Ruben Meerman What's the scary thing about having it in the water, or what's your concern? It was a very, very thorough review, large number of subjects, a highly credible bit of work.NARRATIONIn 2007, Australia's top research body, the National Health and Medical Research Council, released a major report on water fluoridation.

NARRATIONTraditionally, the Queensland State Government has left the decision to add fluoride to local councils.This changed in 2008, when Anna Bligh's government made fluoridation mandatory across the State.But, before it could be fully implemented, the newly elected Campbell Newman government overturned the legislation, handing the decision-making power back to the councils.Unfortunately, there are no shower filters that will remove fluoride. Distillation is capable of removing just about anything (except volatile compounds) from water. However, distillation takes time and lost of electricity, and makes water taste flat and lifeless.My recommended distiller: the Megahome Distiller, which costs about 0.Dr Michael Foley I'm not going to criticise the government, but the decision and the legislation was not based on the health of Queenslanders - and, as a health professional, that disturbs me.

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