Creating validating processing html forms


In this topic, you will not only learn how to create basic form processing scripts, but also acquire useful techniques for validating form information, both on your Web server and at the user's browser.HTML forms, the most common method for gathering Web-based information, consist of arrangements of special HTML tags that render user interface elements on a Web page.

Now the forms knows how to validate the title and director fields, but those are not validated in any way.

Those can be used to validate form fields together instead of one by one.

To check that our two directors equals we will use the Whenever you run your application on a mount point which is not the root of the domain name your actions will have to poin to the right path inside the mount point.

How can we enforce people to enter two times the same name inside our form?

Apart from fields, Tosca Widgets permits to set validators to forms.

To enable validation in Turbo Gears we must use the tg.validate decorator and place it at our form action: Suppose that you are afraid that people might enter a wrong director name for your movies.

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