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Adapted from piece “Rauscher, Speirs Ali, Shon Earn Distinguished Faculty Awards.” Photo: Lauren Rauscher (c) with College of Liberal Arts’ Dean David Wallace and CSULB Interim President Donald Para Dr.

Kim-Phuong Vu’s research is making air traffic safer, websites easier to navigate, and devices with displays and controls easier to use.

Zentgraf has reached out to the larger community at a number of public events including Long Beach’s Latin American Festival, and its Cesar Chavez Festival and she regularly speaks to community and religious groups about immigration and the importance of immigration reform.“She has been a key figure in obtaining an impressive amount of grant support and has already achieved international prominence through her accomplishments.” For the past year, senior Asha Nettles has volunteered with the YWCA, helping victims of sexual assault.As a sexual assault advocate, she has handled a wide variety of tasks, like manning the 24-hour hotlines, helping her supervisor prepare for presentations, sitting with sexual assault victims through physical exams and accompanying them to the police station or courthouse.“Others are responsible for juggling significant family responsibilities while they move toward degree completion—caring for their own children, their siblings, their parents, and/or holding multiple jobs so that they can contribute financially at home.” Rauscher has learned that other students are homeless and live out of their cars.And, given that the human development major is 95 percent young women, she frequently talks with students about their experiences with sexual assault and stress between gendered and cultural expectations of them and their own aspirations.This guide is designed to provide a introduction for coverage for research in Long Beach and local history, using a variety of research tools, either those which CSULB provides, or that are freely available on the Internet.

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