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After the allegations, OKCupid said they ceased to do it.

Now think about Grindr, a majority gay men dating app with 3.3 million users, that also includes trans, bisexual and queer people.

The industry of data brokers—the ones who buy and sell our data to third parties—is facilitated by the companies that organise our lives with operating systems, apps and hardware.

Their business is to sell us gadgets and software, or provide a “free” service while forcing us to watch some ads.

The systems by which data is collected, analysed, sold, traded and reused might be more complicated than you think.

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Any information you provided to create your profile also exists in the form of a record held by a number of third parties.

If you pay for any additional services or click on ads that appear in the app, you are also giving away your financial information, which is collected by tracking technologies.

If you log in with your Facebook account, another chunk of data is taken from there, like your public profile, email address, “likes”, birthday, relationship interests, current city, photos, personal description, friend list, and information about your Facebook friends who might be common Facebook friends with other Tinder users (that’s why you may sometimes find that Facebook suggests friends who are people you’ve met in dating platforms).

But this field is a growing and lucrative business model that in the case of the dating game can include information you probably originally intended to reach very few people.

Tinder, for example, collects and stores the sensitive data of its 50 million users worldwide.

All the information you give dating apps is shared with Match Group, Inc.

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