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There are over 60 interesting buildings on the island that you can explore.

The Abbeyis located on the island and well worth a visit.

There is a lift to the first and second floors, although if you are fit, you may choose to climb the 300 steps.

Plan to spend a half day here, and then combine your day seeing other parts of the city.

At low tide, the island is accessible although at high tide it is completely cut off.

The avenue is famous for luxury shops and cafes, theatres and small boutiques.These are some of the most important artifacts in the Catholic religion.The cathedral has some of the most well-known stained-glass windows and magnificent sculptures.Until 1938 this was the tallest triumphal arch in the world.Now Mexico City has the highest (Monumento a la Revolution) To see this is really only an hour or so, unless you want to find a particular name or event, but you should allow a half day to explore all around it.It is also the most visited museum in the world with 7.3 million visitors per year.

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