Dating an aquarius men


As an air sign, he processes everything through his mind first.Dating an Aquarius Man Communication is the key to dating an Aquarius man.In bed, the Aquarius man loves to be catered to, so if it’s your turn to take the wheel, concentrate on his calves and ankles—the body parts ruled by his Sun sign. Understanding how the Aquarius man processes everything through the filter of his mind allows for a lot of fantasy-driven fun in the bedroom.Anything that excites his imagination will appeal to his kinkier side—toys, games, and experimentation are all to his liking, generally speaking.Sex With an Aquarius Man If you’re looking for emotional, mushy, make-me-feel-special kind of action in the bedroom, this is not something the Aquarius man can deliver.However, he is very spiritual and though he may seem detached from his emotions in (and out of) bed, his sexual flair for the original and exciting can create a transcendental experience.Despite his lack of over-the-top emotions, you have to say that he has a distinct and definitive line drawn between what he wants and doesn’t want in a relationship.

He is optimistic, creative and sometimes quirky, but first and foremost he’s a humanitarian.

The Aquarius man is a very forward thinker, so it’s likely he’ll try almost anything at least once.

What He’s Looking for Long Term The Aquarius man would love to be with a partner who constantly surprises him—not with gifts, but with the way they evolve in their own lives. It keeps the Aquarius man curious and constantly wanting to know more.

However, if you’re already dating an Aquarius man the connection obviously makes sense to him.

Once he can connect with you on an intellectual level, you’re sure to see a more romantic side to him. Fitting in with them will be paramount, and meeting them might be one of your first dates—no kidding.

The Aquarius man is a member of the fixed signs in astrology. If the Aquarius man says he loves you, you can bet he see you as a rare gem.

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