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About half of those bringing the charges have been willing to take them to the police, and about five of them have reached court. “With the new law the situation is a bit better than two or three years ago, but the LGBT community is still very isolated and under regular verbal attack."So far there are no openly gay Moldovan celebrities or politicians, and gay men in particular have to remain on guard against the possibility of physical assaults.Veaceslav, who asked that only his first name be used, was contacted last year by a supposedly gay couple via a dating site.Moldova, one of the poorest nations in Europe, is set to join the European Union's Eastern Partnership aid-and-trade program today in what could be the first step of its eventual absorption into the union.It has been trying to strike a balance between EU rules on respect for minorities, including gay people, and the views of a staunchly conservative church and society.They had found his number on a gay dating site, arranged a meetup and, after calling him a faggot, beat him and kicked him in the face.Then, for good measure, they stole his bag and wallet.“It was vicious, and when the police arrived they started asking me all these degrading questions,” says Andrei, who asked that his name be changed.

The anti-propaganda law was pushed by the Moldovan Orthodox Church, which demanded a ban on “propaganda” related to “homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, pedophilic, zoophilic, incestuous, and perverse behavior,” according to a statement released at the time.“Like in Russia, the situation for LGBT members here is very bad,” says Anastasia Danilova, executive director of Gender Doc-M, the only gay-rights NGO in Moldova.Orhei gets its name from Orheiul Vechi, an active monastery near the village of Ivancea.The name "Orhei" is, according to one theory, derived from the Hungarian word Őrhely, meaning "lookout post", dating from the 13th century, when Hungarian forces built a series of defences in the area.News from Orhei region, republic and international can be found on Radio Orhei website.The broadcasting of Radio Orhei and news on is in Romanian language.It has also been plagued by widespread corruption and political instability.

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