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Benjamin Lay was a four-foot-tall Quaker abolitionist who, among other unusual forms of activism, kidnapped a slaveowner’s child to give them a taste of what slaves had to go through. Most drugs (strong exception for tetracyclines) are neither dangerous nor ineffective once expired.

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Some pushback from other statisticians involved in the replicability movement including Timothy Bates and (preemptively) Daniel Lakens.“As of March 2017, we find that Sci-Hub’s database contains 68.9% of all 81.6 million scholarly articles, which rises to 85.2% for those published in closed access journals…estimate that over a six-month period in 2015–2016, Sci-Hub provided access for 99.3% of valid incoming requests.Hence, the scope of this resource suggests the subscription publishing model is becoming unsustainable.” The Intercept: US Lawmakers Seek To Criminally Outlaw Support For Boycott Campaign Against Israel vs.Freddie de Boer: Bernie Sanders Is A Socialist In Name Only.I really like this piece, and I was going to write it if nobody else did.Seen on Twitter with the commentary “Darwin beats Marx every time”.

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