Dating multiple guys

They are happy to do it themselves, but when the tables are turned they quickly lose their mojo.

Their insecurities make them try to force you into exclusivity.

You might find that, once you deal with it, you're not such a fan.

There may be other traits you thought you would hate, but which, to your surprise, you learn you quite like.

We're literally wired, via several neurotransmitters, to focus and obsess on new love – even if it isn't good for us.

Dating multiple people flattens out these neurotransmitter peaks and troughs over multiple men.

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There's no reason you should be willing to give up the obvious benefits of multiple dating until you know him well enough to make an informed decision.“To find a prince, you're going to have to kiss a few toads.”It's simple math.Playing hard to get is fake and is terrible dating advice. If you're supportive of that, I'd love to keep seeing you and see where this goes. If you haven't been a multiple dater in the past, I hope these nine reasons help you see it in a new light.If not, I completely understand.”Or, if you want to be more direct, “What you do is your business, what I do is mine, and we'll see how we go. Multiple dating not only grows you as a person in our ever more competitive world.If you want to supercharge your dating life and give yourself the best chance of meeting Mr.Right, here are 9 rock-solid reasons multiple dating works.You radiate certainty and men flock to you like bees to honey. Like it was our unique blend of charm and charisma that won you over in a way no other man could. When you have the exclusivity conversation and communicate to him that, while other guys have been showing interest, you only want him, you validate him massively.

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