Dating my daughter questionnaire


Resumes make a better impression if they look neat and well-formatted with consistent headers and indentation; fonts should be easy to read.It is preferable to keep the content down to a single page.Having an outsider proofread for errors in spelling, grammar, or formatting is a good idea.We have shells of two sample resumes at the end of this post.Where the parents are directing the single’s shidduchim, the involved parent’s contact information: cell phone, home phone, and/or email address is listed next.In less traditional circles, or where the single is directly involved in her shidduchim, the single’s phone number is included.Many shadchanim do not have the time to speak with parents regularly, and therefore, advocacy is done through the resume.

If the Rav is hard to reach, it is helpful to add a preferred time to call.

At the end of the resume is a list of references and their contact information.

References typically are family friends, personal friends, former Rebbeim/teachers/seminary principals, roommates, and colleagues.

Below is more detailed guidance on writing the resume.

Aside from the basic facts about the single, the information on the resume should be either relevant to understanding the single or helpful to make connections to facilitate investigation.

The information provided here reflects the shidduchim system as it is practiced in American Orthodox social circles ranging from right-wing Modern Orthodox (YU Machmir) to somewhat Yeshivish. The purpose of the shidduch resume or profile is to provide basic information about a single.

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