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The company began operation two years later in 1866 in Elgin, Illinois,...

During Elgin's first decade, in addition to 18s keywound watches like the BW Raymond and others (see Luis Casilla's excellent presentation), Elgin also made 10s women's keywound watches, and for a while, 17s keywinders.

The Illinois Springfield Watch Company was organized in 1869 primarily through the efforts of J. Watches produced under the Burlington name include some very fine (including some railroad grade) watches, which are nearly identical to Illinois movements.

NOTE: The Illinois Watch Company should not be confused with the Illinois Watch Case Company of Elgin, Illinois. The Illinois Watch Company was purchased by Hamilton Watch Company in 1927, but continued to produce Illinois watches under Hamilton management until 1932 (the year the last "true" Illinois watch was made). By 1885 the company name was changed yet again to the Illinois Watch Company.We are also always looking for Illinois Watches to purchase.Please contact us if you have any questions about the repair of your vintage Illinois watch.These seem to date to 1875-1878 (see slide 92 of Casilla's presentation) 17s is an odd size.

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