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Mina said: I also KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that the childrens books were the “Berenstein” Bears, not the “Berenstain” Bears.

I am a readaholic, and have been since I was 4 years old.

I very specifically remember it being pronounced “STEIN” on the show.aldooze said: Another one worth mentioning is the children s books about the ‘Berenstain Bears’ .

Every single person I have talked to swears it was spelled ‘Berenstein Bears” .

My 20 year old daughter, who had ever Bear book was just as creeped out when I showed her this, she said “no Mom it was always Berenstein”.

I joked that at least we came from the same reality together, so I took great comfort in that. I was a voracious reader as a child and pronounced it as either “stine” or “steen” I eventually settled with “steen”.

Worked 25 years trading on the New York and Chicago exchanges as a Hi I'm a westie chick bit rough round the edges with a big heart. I'm easy going got a great (dirty) sense of humour.

I'd rather live positively and laugh than focus on the negative I am a Thinker, a Student of Life, and Gods Humble Servant,. To come to a better understanding of why we were put on this Earth, And what we can do to make it better and more My friends tell that I am a kind, honest and understanding person.

For one I saw the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears thing mentioned and I always knew them is Berenstein. No record of “stein” which is definitely how it was when i was younger. Matt said: I specifically remember Berenstein Bears, not Berenstain Bears.

Lady JEM5 said: While my children were small my mother & I purchased the entire Berenstein Bears library collection.

At no time have I ever known them to be anything other than that, however I will confirm this for my own peace of mind by digging them out of storage. Berenstein/stain had me spooked King Ken6669 said: I, too, remember pronouncing Berenstain – “Burn-steen” my entire life.

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My first thought, naturally, was “i’m misremembering” – that wasn’t enough, I tried to make some sense of it in my post here.

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