Dating peterson pipes


The Peterson brand is issued from the association of the brothers Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp with Charles Peterson.The Dublin tobacco shop first named "Kapp Brothers" (1865) became the "Kapp & Peterson" Company.

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Charles Peterson by then was the lead craftsman and managed the business on behalf of Fredrick and his wife's executors until the boys came of age.The tenon is slightly tapered so even if the briar or the stem material shrinks or expands the stem can still be inserted tightly.This allows to safely remove and replace stem while pipe is hot.The Peterson brand of pipes are one of the most recognised in the world.They have been manufacturing pipes as a business in Ireland since the 19th century.They first appear in the London trade directories in 1866,when they are listed as Meerschaum pipe makers of 98 Dean Street, Soho , London.

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