Dating practices cameroon

“Typically, the dating that occurs, especially when there’s a power imbalance,” takes place behind closed doors.“I don’t know that a policy would prevent those relationships,” she said.We were able to get a few lawyers to discuss law firm dating in general terms, however.The consensus seems to be that the occurrence, and the fallout, vary greatly.“Every one of these situations needs to be looked at on an independent basis,” he said. Ensuring Fair Treatment Nevertheless, Hartstein identified some basic parameters.

Preferential treatment could include positive evaluations as well as plum work assignments, he said.

They may decide they value the relationship more than their jobs, so one will move to another law firm.

“For many years, the thought was that somebody would leave if they were dating,” according to Ronda Muir, principal at Law People Management, in Greenwich, Conn.

Some have been successful, including relationships consisting of lawyers and paralegals, partners and associates, and lawyers from the same job level.

Moving to Another Firm “Sometimes the individuals will self-police it and say they don’t feel comfortable,” Hartstein said.

“We hear more and more about working as teams,” he said. ” “We cannot prevent people from developing affection for each other,” Hartstein said.

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