Dating scum

@^^^- Men who send rude emails telling me i shouldn't be on here coz i'm "Not Single/Not Looking".-Men who are only interested in women young enough to be their daughters,eg: a 58 year old fake suntanned guy telling us he dates 20 year olds - Men who get pissed off coz i haven't responded to their email but ive been 'online'.-Men im'g me even though i've clearly stated im NOT interested in chatting let alone anything else with guys looking for "Intimate Encounters".

There's more examples,but you get the drift.....................

While I don't think there is a high percentage of creeps on this site, I have to agree with many of Motown Cowgirl's examples!

I've had guys who I have politely said no thank you to tell me off saying I wasn't all that..why did they contact me in the first place?

You will be a psycho for doing that, of course, but that's better than dealing with a drama queen.

Normal people may not find every person to be a match, but normal people will find a lot of normal people here.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

And there are some who do fit the sociopath criteria, but typically they don't show their hand right away. Because a 5'1 100 pound girl is definitely a threat to a man haha.

Like I am suppose to delete my account just because I agreed to meet them?

I have had men message me and when I don't respond, message me again with a rude/aggressive berating for not returning their message.

There doesn't have to be a huge percentage of bad people in the situation, for them to invade EVERYONE'S lives and trash them up.

As for figuring out who the bad people are, the main problem is that by the time we do identify some of them, they've already taken a huge dump in our this morning there is the gal with 2 different threads.

In general, women seem more apprehensive about online dating for safety reasons.

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