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Hilarious: There's No Guessing What Life Can Throw At You When a woman has to face things such as tuberculosis and double pneumonia, she wonders what else is going to be thrown at her. This Is What Life Looks Like When Your Pets Take Over...

There are some of us that are kind-hearted enough to share our homes with many pets, but life can get a little chaotic. This Joke Starts With An Atheist Arguing In Court An atheist is in a courtroom arguing the case for atheists to have their own holiday, such as Christmas or Passover. This Lovely Lady Has a Message For the Manager (Hilarious) A rather attractive woman leaves the ladies' room in a bar, and has a message for the manager. Animals Bring So Much Joy Into Our Lives - & Make Us Laugh There's no doubt that animals bring great joy to many people, not least by making them laugh.

Here are some funny and cute Santa letters from kids.

Kids Left On Their Own Are Disasters Waiting to Happen...

This Joke Starts With A Man Pulling Up Next to a Ferrari An old man pulls up next to a limited-edition Ferrari at some traffic lights.

The driver immediately begins to show him the car, before he decides to floor it..

We gather single redneck men and women who are ready to date.Redneck Dating Service Do you enjoy watching Nascar racing, going mudding and challenging your friends to some backyard wrestling? If you want to find singles who share your idea of fun, you’ll want to check out Redneck Dating Service.You won’t find any snooty people who think way too much of themselves on this site.Then it’s time to get down to business and open up about your outdoorsey side and list your favorite summer activities, favorite winter activities and where you most like to do them.You’re also asked to write a little about your craziest outdoor adventure, something on your bucketlist and what is your favorite activity and why.If you just can't find the time to go out and meet some nice girl, if you are overwhelmed with work and obligations, we are here offering you a helping hand.

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