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Once the atomic lattice is heated by the terahertz laser burst, the enhanced random oscillations of the atoms lead to a transfer of magnetic order from spin type 1 to spin type 2. To do so, part of the spin must be released to the atomic lattice.This situation is again completely analogous to the hot water in a closed pot: the pressure inside the pot increases but is slowly released to the outside through little leaks in the lid (see panel C).In a ferrimagnet, the magnetic moments point in opposite directions for the two types of atoms (see panel A).Thus, the total magnetization is the sum of all magnetic moments of type 1 (.

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Petersburg (Russia), and Sendai (Japan) have now revealed the elementary steps of this process.

"To instantaneously and exclusively heat up the atomic lattice of a YIG film, we use a very specific and novel kind of stimulus: ultrashort bursts of laser light at terahertz frequencies.

With a subsequently arriving visible laser pulse, we can then step-by-step trace the evolution of the initially cold magnetic spins.

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ex flirten When an insulating ferrimagnet is heated, the heat is first deposited in the atomic lattice which causes the atoms to move randomly around their cold positions.

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