Dating woes rashida jones dating history

I matched with a super cute guy who messaged me in response to something I wrote on my profile, showing me that he took the time out to read it. We had a continuous conversation going for about ten straight days.

At that point, he asked me if I would want to meet. I had those little anticipation butterflies all day. I spent an hour just trying to figure out what to wear (shout out to my best friend and her boyfriend for humoring me while I ran up and down the stairs going “OKAY WHAT ABOUT THIS” like some deranged, inept, and kind of sweaty parrot).

The dating scene has shifted almost entirely to swipe apps.

We continued conversing in a surprisingly easy manner for a solid five minutes before I looked down and saw it. But over the course of the next few days, the texting slowed down immensely. And to get to know someone organically, I first have to meet them organically.

It was interesting because the content of the messages themselves told me he was interested (one of them literally said “I’m interested”), but the amount of time passing between them told me the opposite, especially since the texting had been so consistent immediately prior to meeting in person. Maybe in an across-the-room-floating-fireworks kind of way.

I seriously think I heard someone behind me slow clap.

But he said that he was too, we bonded over mutual awkwardness, and I felt a little more at ease.

Even so, I threw in a “wow, this is more than I was expecting it would be.” Phew, dodged that bullet. and half of the cheese and sauce slid off of the dough and onto my face. I didn’t think to check my clothes after the initial catastrophe occurred, so I was just carrying on as usual… While I’m sure it’s every man’s dream to go out with a girl who can successfully coat herself in food less than ten minutes into a date, I was pretty mortified.

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