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After that, if you still do not see your tasks use the Task List view menu → Restore Tasks From History…

command (also available via File → Import → Task List. Upon installing you will get a dialog box asking if you would like to restart Eclipse. I’ve installed Mylyn ; why can’t I see anything different? It probably means that you are running Linux and don’t have Eclipse and a Web browser configured to work together. What does “Could not create Bugzilla editor input” and “ not found” mean?

You will probably need to add it to your default classpath.

You can store tasks locally in your workspace, or they can come from one or more task repositories.

To connect to a task repository, you must have a connector that supports that repository.

If any of the installed features have unsatisfied dependencies or if features where previously installed from the extras or incubator update site P2 may fail with an error similar to the ones below.

Try these steps to recover: Cannot complete the request. Mylyn Focused UI (Recommended) is already installed, so an update will be performed instead.

Mylyn also relies on a web browser that works with the Standard Widget Toolkit; Windows and Mac OS users are fine, but Linux users might have to download another browser.

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