Delayed due to accommodating passengers


Father and son were wearing medical masks, she said.

When the family members got to the front of the plane, a handful of passengers at the back of the plane, six at most, started lightly applauding, she said. I just thought it was kind of applauding, cheering them on, happy you're getting help.

She said the couple, who together have 12 children, four of them adopted, are "honest, upright people.'' "I absolutely do not think that we overreacted at all,'' she said, adding that she never claimed they were booted off the plane as many headlines proclaimed.

"I just think (sharing the story) holds people accountable for their behavior.'' Fabian said other passengers have come forward to back up the family's claims about rude fellow passengers.

We have been forced to spend hundreds of dollars on unexpected expenses and have to try to figure out how to reschedule this weeks chemo treatments. " Allegiant has said little about the incident beyond prepared statements.

He has been forced to helplessly witness terminal cancer ravish through his father's body.'' She said her son will never forget how the passengers clapped as he got off the plane.

"This evening I witnessed disgusting behavior from the passengers of Allegiant flight 171 Bellingham to Phoenix/Mesa,'' the post began.

"My 7 yr old son had an allergic reaction to the dogs on the flight.

"Have you ever been to a sporting event and somebody gets knocked down on the field and they get helped up and people cheer? Not, "Yay, get these people off the plane so I could get on with our lives.'' Vander Yacht, who is from Lynden, Wash., and was sitting a few rows in front of the family, said she was momentarily startled by the applause. She didn't think that it was mean spirited, though, and noted that the clapping was limited and not loud.

"I thought it was more like, 'Good, we're going to take off,' that type of thing.

Instead of diffusing the situation you added insult to injury and perpetuated the attitudes of the other passengers.

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