Diane keaton and keanu reeves still dating


Though the idea is drilled into our heads basically since we are born, not everyone gets married.For some reason or another, people either choose to or are forced to stay single forever; and not just regular people, but celebrities as well.The Sunday Times reported that she values her space and freedom too much to tie herself to anyone else.

On screen, the character spent years tracking down the perfect husband, but off screen, the actress isn’t that interested.

She does have a daughter, Gemma Rose and wouldn’t want to share her unless it was with “someone so awesome.” Her career as an animal rights activist and her daughter are all she needs right now.

Just because you know that marriage isn’t the right choice for you, doesn’t mean you need to know exactly why.

You can imagine how this would leave any woman feeling about commitment or trust, and it’s no wonder that this kick-ass lady is doing sch a fantastic job of rocking the single mom world on her own.

For many people, the over commercialization of marriage is what puts them off taking the plunge.

These celebrity women have never gotten married and most likely will never tie the knot for many varying reasons.

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