Disadvantages of dating a single mother


You can just give your single parent date a knowing glance and move on from there.In terms of childcare, dating another single parent can be wonderful, if the chemistry is right.If you have kids that are around the same age, you might be surprised and relieved to find that they get along famously.This can take a lot of the pressure off both of you, since having a good rapport and low level of maintenance with regards to your kids can turn an impromptu play date into a perfect opportunity for the parents to get a couple of precious moments alone together.Other single parents like the freshness and different perspective of a mate that does not have any children of their own, because it can be invigorating to discuss something adult and intellectual instead of always swapping tips for getting vomit out of fabric and leads on the cheapest bulk diapers.

(Not saying that single moms don't deserve a night off to let loose, sometimes, either.)Don't overlook a woman because she is a parent, unless perhaps, you are just not certain that you are interested in being involved in parenting at this point in your life (if things were to get serious).

I can tell you right now, if I choose to date you, you be a priority.

My time is limited, so if I choose to spend it with you, you mean something to me.

Will they understand that I'm not looking for something hot, heavy and complicated?

Are they mature enough to understand they definitely can't have the full spotlight right now and that my children must be the first priority?

All the same, sometimes dating another single parent can go quite the opposite way.

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